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The EURES site of the European Commission offers access to information on finding jobs abroad, and living and working conditions in other European countries.

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Igualdad: EU to force insurance hike on women drivers

Europe Women would be forced to pay hundreds of pounds more for their car insurance under new EU anti-sexism laws expected to come under heavy fire from a parliamentary inquiry this week.
Posted by webmaster on Tuesday, September 28 @ 08:43:12 CEST (3320 reads)
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Empleo: Tasa de paro en el sector femenino

Europe La mujer europea sigue teniendo una tasa de paro superior a la masculina, según los datos registrados este mismo año por la Unión Europea.
Posted by webmaster on Monday, September 06 @ 14:01:21 CEST (1943 reads)
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Formación: The certificate supplement and the The European Curriculum vitae

Posted by webmaster on Monday, February 09 @ 08:16:46 CET (2668 reads)
(Read More... | 7668 bytes more | 86 comments | Formación | Score: 5)

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