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The EURES site of the European Commission offers access to information on finding jobs abroad, and living and working conditions in other European countries.

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Women Mobility Information Campaign
General Presentation

 French - Italian - Spanish

WOMEN MOBILITY INFORMATION CAMPAIGN is an information campaign directed from The Federation of the Association of Businesswomen of the Mediterranean dedicated to the size, opportunities and key possibilities from a capability perspective that the Mediterranean Market offers.

This information campaign includes two key necessary and complementary activities to be able to ensure a maximum diffusion and a sustainable global strategy:


1. WOMEN MOBILITY MED PLATFORM is a production and distribution activity of information material about key aspects of the job mobility regarding ability matters that the regional Mediterranean markets offer.

The objective is to produce a precise "picture" in 20 regions of 4 countries of the EU in the Mediterranean basin, of the possibilities of the job and geographic mobility that represents these labour markets particularly aimed to employers, professionals and executives, in order to attract a great number of qualified women.

It is an information campaign that proposes to focus in the use of the appropriate measures of awareness and advice from the Businesswomen and Women Entrepreneurs Organisations to their business people from the final beneficiary perspective-.

2. WOMENMOBILITY.ORG is an activity for the creation of a Web Site specialized and involved in the framework of a wider European network (in coordination with the Web Site EURES) for the broadcast and awareness, over the Mediterranean, of the benefits of the geographic mobility towards this region.

This Web Site aims to be a tool for a permanent information campaign to help on-line European business people, with comprehensive and updated information and easily accessible dedicated to the size, opportunities and possibilities regarding the capabilities that the Mediterranean Labour Markets offer, also about matters of current or emerging shortage in this region.

WOMEN MOBILITY CAMPAIGN is part of a wider strategy, which started in 2003 by Mediterranean Businesswomen and Women Entrepreneurs Organizations directed towards the information and preparation of women and women entrepreneur organisations to be an integral part in the development, the enforcement and the awareness to provide business opportunities offered by the Internal Market. This strategy is focused from the strategic perspective of the support and the enforcement of the social dialogue and Territorial Pacts for the development of the internal European market in terms of enhanced employment, labour mobility, professional recognition, and international competitiveness...

In this framework, WOMEN MOBILITY CAMPAIGN project is coordinated y leaded by the Association of Organizations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME), Spanish coordinator of Euro-Mediterranean Businesswomen and Women Entrepreneurs Organisations, which is formed by more than 30 associations in Europe collaborating as funding members and supporting partners in network in Spain, France, Italy and Greece.

Specific Information on WOMENMOBILITY.ORG

WOMENMOBILITY.ORG is a creation activity of a Web Portal specialized and registered in the framework of a wider European network (in coordination with the EURES portal) for the broadcasting and the awareness, over the Mediterranean, about the benefits of the geographic mobility towards this region.

This Web Portal pretend to be a tool of a permanent information campaign to facilitate comprehensive, up-dated and easily accessible information on-line to the European business people. It is dedicated to the size, opportunities and possibilities about the capabilities that the Labour Markets of the Mediterranean offer, as well as about matters regarding current or emerging labour shortages in this region.


ACE&E (Asociació Catalana d'Empresaries I Executives) -E- , Dirigeantes -FR-, FIDAPA (Federazione Italiana Donne Arti Professioni Affari) -I-and BWAG (Women Business Association of Greece) -GR-


  • Employment Portals
  • Businesswomen and Business people in Europe
  • Territorial actors of the Mediterranean regions
  • Women?s Organisations Networks
  • Qualified Women
  • Portal EURES

General Objectives

WOMENMOBILITY.ORG pretends to be an information Portal, an integral part of a wider European network, focused on the labour mobility for businesswomen, professional women and executives, so It can facilitate up-dated, comprehensive and easily accessible information about key matters regarding financial funds to the mobility, the questions to take into account in the qualifications matters and the mechanisms that make possible that everyone interested in using the geographic and professional mobility, can easily access to the information available including a database about job offers and demand, learning possibilities and other relevant information.

Specific objectives

WOMENMOBILITY.ORG is a tool that enable to enhance a long term information campaign specially directed to businesswomen and professional sectors and dedicated to the size, opportunities and key possibilities regarding the capabilities that the internal market in general offer and particularly the southern-European market.

WOMENMOBILITY.ORG is a tool that offer an information and consultancy service on-line specifically adapted to the interests and individual rights of businesswomen and professional sectors to attract a greater number of qualified women.

WOMENMOBILITY.ORG pretend to be a network tool of the Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen complementing the existing projects such as the «Dialogue with companies» and the EURES network focused on increasing the awareness of the benefits of the mobility in the south of the EU.

The Portal comprises the job mobility. The design and access to information pretends to be done in a way that businesswomen particularly and the professional sectors can find, region by region the key elements of the type:

  • Where can one receive more information and advice?
  • Where can one find the existing possibilities?
  • Where should one go to organise and arrange a geographic mobility?
  • Where can one find valuable case information?

The information will be basically addressed to business people, businesswomen and professional sectors that require an improved and update of their image to attract a greater number of skilled women. Therefore the message is addressed to business people of the same region as the regional BWEOs. On a second level to qualified women who are interested in a specific market ? and who consequently need to have a minimum level of the target language.

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Published on: 2004-02-12

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