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The EURES site of the European Commission offers access to information on finding jobs abroad, and living and working conditions in other European countries.

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Welcome to Women Mobility Information Campaign

The Women''s Mobility Campaign is part of a wider strategy by the Mediterranean Businesswomen and the Women''s Entrepreneurs Organisation. The strategy is developed in order to raise awareness of the business opportunities offered by the Internal Market and to prepare women and women entrepreneur organisations to be an integral part of it.

Main activities:

  • Establishment of a Mediterranean women mobility platform (production and distribution of information on key aspects of job mobility in the Mediterranean region to employers, professionals and executives in order to attract a large number of qualified women)
  • Establish a website (womenmobility.org) in order to broadcast and raise the awareness of the benefits of geographic mobility within this region.

Countries involved: France, Greece, Italy, Spain

Organisations involved: AFAEMME, ACEE (Asociacion Catalana d''Empresaries I Executives) -E- , Dirigeantes -FR-, FIDAPA (Federazione Italiana Donne Arti Professioni Affari) -I-and SEGE (Women Business Association of Greece) -GR-

Involved Regions





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